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J Burns

Modern Artwork, Abstract Paintings and Fine Art For Sale

Los Angeles, CA


J. Burns is an artist creating rich expressive abstracts, highly individual works of art packed with color and vibrancy, imaginative works of primitive art packed with movement and passion, mixed media on canvas paintings with breathtaking colors and hues. Burns calls his own self-taught, energized style of painting 'primitive abstract'. "I'm the first to admit my skills are raw, rudimentary at best," he said, "Not to sound obtuse, but no one will mistake my art for being avant garde. However, it is my passion for art, my organic need to create and my drive to produce which sustains me."

Believing he needed a muse for his art, Burns traveled the globe in search of one. In the end, he came to realize that inspiration was to be found in the form of dreams. "Vivid colors. Primordial images. Faraway places. Time out of mind stuff," said Burns. "As I begin to paint my dreams, somewhere deep within my brain's primordial ooze new visceral interpretations bubble up to the surface, erupting in a pastiche of colors, shapes and textures onto the canvas in ways that even I, as the artist, cannot comprehend. While it may sound like truly a transcendental process, I must acknowledge, at times, it is not entirely a frictionless experience, but then again, who said making art was easy?"

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Zone with Feeling by J Burns


Idea with Echo by J Burns


Kinetic Soup of Pain by J Burns


Primitive Peacock Deconstructed by J Burns


New York Robot Head by J Burns


Incomplete Lives by J Burns


Restricted Passenger by J Burns


Interfering Poetry by J Burns


Boundary with Creation by J Burns


Ego With Response by J Burns


New York Robot by J Burns


Screaming Giraffe by J Burns


Penguins by J Burns


The Babble of Love by J Burns


Formation of Dreams under Construction by J Burns


The Lost Eye by J Burns


Love Me Tender by J Burns


Primitive Visage by J Burns


Limitation and Head by J Burns


The Out Of Towners by J Burns


Speculative Brushstroke by J Burns


Escape by J Burns


Song in Surface by J Burns


Petals by J Burns


Movement of Sorrow by J Burns


The Manufactured Purpose by J Burns


Sui generis by J Burns


Abstract Art Sail by J Burns


Intensity with Intensity by J Burns


New York Robot by J Burns


Vision of Drunk Ego by J Burns


Agentival by J Burns


Gossip by J Burns


Charming Lover by J Burns


Complex Significance by J Burns


The Juxtaposed Hope by J Burns


Road Warriors by J Burns


Mind Your Dog by J Burns


Useless Soup by J Burns


Happy Dance by J Burns


Afternoon Delight by J Burns


The Meditative Fisherman by J Burns


Emotional Surface by J Burns


Intersection by J Burns


Geometric Babble by J Burns


Deeper Toreador by J Burns


Modern Path by J Burns


Nude Describing the Orange Field by J Burns